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"Oak framed extensions make the whole house feel roomier and brighter!"
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2 Oak Framed Extensions
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Clients Name: Geoffrey & Carol Edwards
Location: North Yorkshire


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2 Oak Framed Extensions Required

In November Geoffrey Edwards contacted Richard Penny with regards to a quotation for 2 oak framed extensions: a sunroom and a second utility/office area.

Together, with wife Carol, both keen gardeners, they wanted to extend their home. They wanted to provide an oak sunroom to be able to enjoy their beautiful garden when inside.

A Victorian railway property in a former life, the home would also benefit from a second room. A glazed oak and brick built room to provide a home office, and storage/utility area with en-suite shower room.

Richard sent photo's from a previous project that had similarities, together with a ballpark quotation and informed them the lead times were approx. 6 – 10 weeks.

In January, they contacted Richard again. Although they were happy with the quotation they couldn't find a builder to provide the building works required for the 2 oak framed extensions. They said they would get back in touch once they had.

A number of weeks later, though, they managed to find Mark, a builder based near Goole. A site visit was arranged at the beginning of February with Richard, Mark and Geoff.

Mark intended to start work in June and the first oak framed extension to be ready shortly after.

Little did they know that a worldwide pandemic was imminent!

The First Phase of the Oak Framed Extensions Starts

On March 23rd Geoff wondered, in an email to Richard, 'Will the virus affect the building schedule?"

An innocent question at the time but one that proved to be crucial to this particular project!

The production at Oak by Design closed as per Government guidelines, but the sales team continued to work from home.

Mark started the work on the first of the oak framed extension (the sunroom) footings in July. After various emails back and forth, and awaiting details from the Architects, the final drawings were received. The oak framework started in production when the team returned, and delivery made in August.

The oak sunroom framework forms 2 main sides and a third, part side return and fits between 2 walls of the main property. The 2 main sides are completely glazed and a set of 3 bi-fold doors lead out onto a paved area and then into the garden.

Internally, a pair of oak Pattern 10 doors lead back into the existing sitting room and another single oak Pattern 10 door, with a glazed panel above, leads back into another room.

2 of the blue header stones (which create a curve) above the single door had slipped years ago. Rather than putting them back Geoff decided to template a piece of oak in the area above the door, and scribe around them to celebrate the imperfection!

This room is easily accessible from different rooms in the house, and is filled with light.

The Second Phase Isn't Quite as Straightforward!

Phase 2 needed scheduling for manufacturing in October. As well as the actual framework the couple wanted oak internal doors, skirting boards and architrave.

However, throughout the year, various pandemic issues stalled the project. As we all know, staffing issues and lack of materials generally slowed down everything, everywhere. The architect ended up in hospital, which meant any major amendments required, were on hold throughout this time.

Like many builders, Mark had to try and juggle a few jobs, working when materials and manpower became available!

Fortunately, we had a full order book and managed to swap around manufacturing spaces to keep Geoff's project always 'ready to start', once required.

The project continued being delayed well into the next year, but eventually everything came together.

One of the sides of the oak framed extension on the second utility/home office area has been completed with bricks and not glazed units. Glazed units are fit above, within the mono truss.

This has formed an unusual solid wall within the room, but with light still coming in. Within the extensions, a shower room has been built at the height of the solid wall. (See photo's below). A ledge and braced boarded oak door within an oak door lining together with oak skirting boards and architrave, finish the room.

This room has oak framed glazed units and an opening window. These, together with a full length glazed unit forms the second side of the oak building.

The third side is fully glazed with an external door leading outside to a beautiful dappled seating area.

Also, within the room, a chunky oak glazed frame has now replaced the existing external window (now internal) and an oak Pattern 10 (all glazed)door leads into the kitchen.

Geoff and Carol asked Oak by Design for a 'rough piece of timber, approx.. 8cm x 10cm x 3m". They used this to form a suspended light fitting. They managed to recess 3 pin sockets into the thicker edge and now have a bespoke light fitting (see photo below).

Both the rooms have under floor heating and a tiled floor. Velux windows and glazed roof panels ensure as much light fills the rooms as possible.

The oak has been finished with Osmo's Polyx UV oil Clear (420)

Leaving a review on Google, now the couple have settled into their new rooms, Geoff said:

"Oak By Design have made 2 oak framed extensions for us: a sunroom at the front and 'moon-room' at the back, which encompasses a shower room, work area and storage.

They have been helpful at every stage and the outcome is brilliant. The oak buildings make the whole house feel roomier and brighter and are beautiful places to be".

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Advantages of Oak Conservatories

Oak conservatories offer a myriad of benefits that make them a popular choice among homeowners seeking to enhance their living spaces. The timeless allure and natural beauty of oak, combined with its remarkable durability, create an atmosphere that is both inviting and refined.

One advantage of oak conservatories is their ability to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding environment. The use of this exquisite material allows for the creation of harmonious spaces that blend effortlessly into any landscape. The rich, warm tones and distinctive grain patterns evoke a sense of tranquility, making oak conservatories the perfect retreat for relaxation and contemplation.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, oak conservatories are renowned for their longevity. Oak is known for its resilience and strength, ensuring that these structures will endure for generations to come. This inherent durability also reduces maintenance requirements, making oak conservatories a cost-effective investment in the long run.

Furthermore, oak conservatories provide excellent thermal insulation. The natural properties of oak allow it to retain heat during colder months while keeping the interior cool in summer. This energy efficiency not only creates a comfortable living environment but also helps reduce heating and cooling costs.

Lastly, oak conservatories have a timeless charm that adds significant value to any property. Their classic design transcends passing trends, ensuring enduring elegance throughout the years.

In conclusion, oak conservatories offer numerous advantages including seamless integration with the surroundings, exceptional durability, superior thermal insulation, and timeless charm. These features make them an ideal choice for homeowners seeking to create sophisticated and captivating living spaces that stand the test of time.

The Difference Between Green Oak and Air-Dried Oak

Green oak and air-dried oak are two distinct types of timber that differ in their characteristics. Understanding these differences is crucial for anyone involved in the construction or woodworking industry.

When comparing green oak to air-dried oak, one can draw an analogy with the concept of aging wine. Just as wine needs time to mature and develop its unique flavors, green oak requires a seasoning process to achieve optimal quality.

During the seasoning process, green oak gradually loses moisture content through natural drying methods. This reduction in moisture not only improves the stability of the wood but also prevents excessive movement and shrinkage over time. It is comparable to how aging wine develops complexity while maintaining stability.

On the other hand, air-dried oak undergoes a different drying method. Once cut into sizeable timber pieces, it is left outside to dry naturally over an extended period. The exposure to open air allows for gradual moisture loss through evaporation, resulting in lower moisture content compared to green oak.

The metaphorical comparison between green oak and aging wine helps illustrate how both processes require patience and time for desirable outcomes. Just as aged wine showcases its refined qualities after years of maturing, air-dried oak represents a stable and reliable material due to its prolonged seasoning period.

In summary, understanding the distinction between green oak and air-dried oak is essential when choosing timber for construction purposes. Whether opting for freshly felled or naturally dried wood, each has its advantages based on specific project requirements and desired characteristi

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Richard Birdsall
Richard Birdsall

Left us a 5 star review

My wife and I recently purchased an oak porch from Oak By Design. We are delighted with the porch and it has been much admired. We did get some help assembling it but everything fitted together perfectly.

Working with Oak By Design on our project was a pleasure and we were delighted with the results. Joanne was extremely helpful, quick to answer any questions and generally a great person to deal with! The quality and finish of the products - RSJ covers and Oak Windows & Doors were superb and look great. Would highly recommend working with Oak By Design and would not hesitate to use their services again for future projects!

Really delighted with the new porch by Oak by Design. It adds a super feature to my converted barn. Thanks to Joanne and the team.

Fantastic service and quality of product. I couldn’t be happier with my Oak porch, which was designed to my specification with the minimum of fuss. Joanne was so helpful and nothing was too much trouble. Incredibly well engineered and looks fantastic. Thank you so much.

Fantastic service from start to finish, I would have no hesitation in recommending this company or using them again. Very professional and helpful. Joanne was great in assisting us with choosing both styles and colours of the beams and cladding.

When embarking on a large renovation project assembling the right team of skilled work people is vital. It involves the need for skill, imagination and trust. It was important to us to use a local company and Oak by Design seemed to tick the right boxes although we had not dealt with them or indeed heard of them before. We soon came to realise that the combination of Ben, Billy, Jamie, Matt and MIck ( listed strictly in alphabetical order ) was a great success. Skilled: highly, imaginative: an excellent creative talent, trustworthy: 100% but also such great team players that all the other trades on site benefitted from their cooperation and great good humour. I would endorse the other reviewers who have commented on the quality of the materials used, whether in the replacement windows, the light oak internal doors. the fantastic oak staircase, the secret bookcase and the pièce de résistance: the oak conservatory. It has been a great project and much of that I attribute to the work of Oak by Design. A big thank you to you all.

From the start of our enquiry, the service provided was excellent. Joanne was a great help and the oak porch structure looks fantastic on our new build. It completely changed the look of the house. Very quick delivery could not recommend enough.

Great service by a friendly professional team, a pleasure to work with. The end result of our oak glazed leisure spa and outdoor kitchen looks fantastic. Great job

We worked with Jamie from Oak By Design on a super project near Wetherby. There was plenty of oak in this design for the team to really show their worth - and they did. The attention to detail was excellent. If anything was not quite how the client wanted it, they were straight back to attend to this. The customer care was superb. We look forward to working with Oak By Design on another project soon.

Pleasure to do Buisness with

We were looking to have a bespoke oak and glass atrium for the front of our new house renovation. We wanted to find a company we trusted, who clearly understood our brief and could manufacture and install a high quality product at a competitive price. A big ask, but OakByDesign ticked all our boxes. Jamie and the team from the initial discovery meeting to completion of the installation were fantastic. The design, material quality and installation were first class and I would highly recommend you to include them within your project plans. Thank you all. Ben and Lindsay.

A great company to deal with. Professional from start to finish and always there to assist with any queries. Highly recommended.

I firstly used oak by design a couple of years ago for an open oak porch. They were extremely helpful and everything was delivered on time to the highest quality. The porch went together with the oak dowels provided and looked great when it was all slated in. They have also supplied me with a oak beam for a fireplace natural random finish and it looks good.

My company has ordered 2 porches with Joanne from oak by design, and have more planned in the future. They've been brilliant from start to finnish. Great communication right through. And the quality of the product is exceptional. Do not hesitate to order.

On behalf of Shears PHG Our customer was looking at having an oak porch built for their property in the West Midlands we got in contact with Joanne at Oak by Design and she was really helpful, always friendly on the phone and polite nothing was too much trouble. Joanne kept us up to date through every stage and our customer is really pleased with the results of the Porch it looks great and we wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future

We are ‘over the moon’ with our beautiful oak porch made by Oakbydesign .From our initial enquiry to delivery and installation the service and attention to detail has been outstanding! A very big thank you to Joanne who was so helpful and friendly from start to finish which made the whole process such a pleasure. Highly recommend anyone looking for an oak porch to choose Oakbydesign . Yvonne Grant.

Ordered an oak mantle beam from Oak by Design and they quickly called to check the finer details. Unfortunatly, the beam was slightly damaged on arrival by the courier company. Oak by Design immediately arranged to have it picked by DHL, transferred back to Yorkshire from Kent, repaired and sent back within 2 days, with no quibbles. The beam is beautiful, as is the high quality customer service by these people. Fully recommend using this company. Anthony Slater, Tonbridge. Tonbridge.

Excellent quality workmanship and materials. Very easy and friendly to deal with on the phone. Everything done on time and no problems at all. Will definitely use again next time I need an oak porch or any other oak structures.

Great service from start to finish, Joanne was great help. Designs were spot on and so happy with the porch. 10/10. Fully recommend.

Amazing customer service from beginning to end . My builder was in awe at the quality of the oak porch components. Call them and ask for Joanne - what she doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing! It’s not every day you invest in a “proper” porch so do it right. You’ll definitely be delighted!

Found this company by accident whilst passing through Harrogate, but well worth a visit.Great products choice with helpful friendly service. The wooden flooring and beams look great in situ and we are very pleased with the transformed room. Would recommend and use again.

Excellent customer service. Very friendly. Explained in detail. Product is beautiful. Would recommend. Company sent photos of finished product prior to dispatch to confirm our happiness with their work.

We can thoroughly recommend Oak by Design. Not only did they provide the best of oak floors and oak staircase to suit our new, contemporary home, but they returned to make good a problem which was not their fault. Going the extra mile separates great companies from ordinary firms. Thank you Jamie & Billy. From Mike & Barbara, York.

My client was looking for ways in which to make his conversion (of an early seventies house into a period family farmhouse) “stand out from the crowd”. whilst maintaining a commercial eye on his expenditure, as the house was being converted for resale profit. Making the choice to meet with Richard and explore possibilities for incorporating some Real solid Oak features into his plans proved to be the making of the project. By taking lots of advice from Richard on both the size and structure of the components we were able to incorporate three key features. The beautiful and bold roof trusses and purlins for the open plan kitchen are simply a joy to behold. The stunning full height gable window which is directly glazed into the large framework can be appreciated from both the the kerbside and of course from within the cosy snug on the ground floor or the amazing first floor main bedroom where we incorporated some additional exposed roof beams just purely for effect. All in all it is fair to say that these significant choices certainly created the wow factor my client was looking for. Having managed to pre sell the property well before completion it in itself demonstrates the benefits of keeping these sorts of real oak features as part of a modern build. I have no hesitation whatsoever is saying that if anyone is looking to get advice and is serious about investing in quality oak products they should have no need to look further than Oak by Design. Thanks again Richard for all your help , guidance and continued support which is a credit to you and the craftsmen you employ.

Very professional. Excellent product and service. Highly recommended.

As the owner of a local joinery business, Robert Davis Joinery, I have had the pleasure of using Oak by Design on several occasions over the last 8 years. They have produced bespoke interior products for me including Oak doors and timber moldings. The staff in the office and the workshop are always very helpful and friendly and the standard of the workmanship and materials are always of a very high quality.

I wish I could give more starts!! We looked at many companies before finally choosing Oak by Design. We are so glad we chose them. They were excellent from start to finish. They worked with us to find a workable design that was to our liking. Our door looks amazing (despite the building site that still surrounds it!). Their customer service is of the highest standard, Joanne could not do enough to help us. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Great personal service to ensure we got what we needed specific to our personal requirements. Quality is outstanding and there was a helping hand there all the way. The porch we ended up with was not cheap but having looked at others the quality of the Oak by design product shines through. Very pleased with the result and the complements from both neighbours and our builders keep coming.

Oak by design provided our engineered oak flooring. From our initial meeting and supply of samples to the final delivery we have been provided with excellent service. Carl has been in touch throughout the process and provided updates about the lead time and expected delivery dates. We are delighted with the flooring. Very happy to recommend Oak by design.

I could not recommend Oak By Design more highly. Joanne and the team worked tirelessly to resolve an issue that was the result of my mistake when I ordered the porch. Great customer service.

Spectacular service from start to finish! great design work and support from concept to installation. The builders were amazing! So pleased with the outcome! Thankyou so so much !

From the beginning the customer service has been superb, excellent help and advice when choosing the flooring, delivery arriving when promised and a product which is extremely high quality. We have replaced the majority of our flooring downstairs and we are so pleased with the result that we would have paid more. Fantastic.

From the initial quotation right through to the delivery and after service Joanne has been brilliant and given me an excellent product. I have just ordered another porch for another project from them and I will continue to do so for future projects . Thomas and Bell Building Contractors Ltd

I was sourcing an oak RSJ cover (circa 5m length) for my extension and found Oak by Design on the internet. All of the reviews I could were glowing and so I contacted them......And I'm so glad that I did. Joanne Fisher answered my initial call and she looked after my order from beginning to end - in terms of ensuring that I got exactly what I wanted she/they provided a superb service - everything on time - delivery in to the Peak District to suit when I wanted. The quality of the the RSJ cover is fantastic thick solid oak that matches my oak floor - looks amazing. If you want anything oak I can thoroughly recommend Oak By Design.

Found Oak by Design searching for a new front porch to replace a canopy and knew immediately that this was company for the job and I was not disappointed. I already knew what I wanted and Richard, very patiently, developed my basic requirements, with a number of iterations, into a full detailed design. As I live outside their site working area I decided go for supply only and to install the porch myself. It was delivered as promised and it looked great even on the pallet! It took me a while to fit but it was very satisfying and the result is fantastic. The quality of the aged oak and carpentry of the timbers is excellent. I’m delighted with the porch supplied by Oak by Design - it looks superb.

Marvellous place, so many wonderful things made from wood.

Very impressed with Oak By Design. Customer service is fantastic and they were very patient in helping me ensure what I needed was the right size. Photos sent of oak cover before it was sent to me and end product was great. It was also not the most expensive either. Would definitely recommend.

Posting on behalf of my Mother in Law, Shirley Abbott "Having planned to shop around, Oak By Design was my first stop. I had no need to look any further. Joanne patiently and professionally guiding me through the confusion of choosing the right flooring. The service and support from the staff was exceptional, efficient and helpful. And - my floor looks amazing!"

From the moment we visited the Oak Design showroom, we knew that we were dealing with a top quality local company. Richard the owner, showed us around his design works with real pride of his product and service offering. Jamie as sales executive has discussed and agreed the options & design with costs to us and we have now implemented the first phase of our home improvement, with more work to follow. We are highly delighted with the finished product and would strongly recommend Oak Design to other interested clients. I also suggest that you pay them a personal visit at the Home Building & Renovation exhibition in Harrogate, as well as their wonderful showroom of Oak Solutions in Tockwith to get a personal guided tour.

Amazing craftsmanship from this company. The customer service from Joanne was superb. My questions and indecisiveness were never an issue and she was always on hand to offer advice and find the answers to my questions. Our oak porch has transformed the house and we are over thd moon with it. Would highly recommend Oak By Design. Joanne is an asset to the sales and promotion of this company and is very knowledgeable. Would give 10 stars if I could!

Perfect from start to finish. The service is above and beyond. Pleasure to install

A fabulous service and supportive through the design and delivery process. Highly recommended

On behalf of John Docherty: Oak By Design were a great company to deal with; helpful, knowledgeable, professional. The quality of the oak supplied to us for our bespoke porch was first class. Nothing was too much trouble for this company, and we will definitely be using this wonderful company again in 2022.

What can I say, Oak By Design have been the most fantastic company to deal with. Joanne was so helpful, friendly and professional. She really seemed to care about our project, which made such a difference. We had 4 oak RSJ covers made and 2 fireplace mantles. The finish is outstanding. Everyone believes they are solid beams, which was just what we wanted. The care and attention this company will give you is 2nd to none and I would highly recommend them. Pictures will follow when we complete our project, thanks again Oak By Design. x

First class service and product . Our car port and steps look fantastic and blends in with the existing buildings beautifully. Would definitely recommend them.

Oak by design were a fantastic company to deal with. They made us some treads for a bespoke stair case from large pieces of air dried oak. They were very thorough in making sure that they understood exactly what we wanted. They made excellent suggestions for small changes to our own design in order to produce a better finished product and to manage the cost. We were very happy with the treads when they were delivered. They look fantastic and fitted perfectly to the steel frame which was made by a third party. I could not recommend them more highly.

We purchased some engineered oak flooring and oak covers from Oak By Design and couldn't be happier with the finish and quality. They are spot on. Joanne was extremely helpful throughout the whole process and provided plenty of advice when necessary. Thank you

Great company, always on the end of the phone to talk through design, measurements, fitting. The Oak is very high standard, looks amazing.

Firstly, the product quality was superb, a beautiful oak mantle piece for my fire place, gorgeous. The installation was quick, efficient and fitter very friendly. The price was very reasonable, actually very good value. But what makes it all SIX STAR, ( but we I can only give 5!), was the customer service. When walking in the shop I was perfectly attended to, I was given samples to take home and they remembered to call soma days later to see what I thought. Order to install time was very fast for such a bespoke service. My experience was world class, great to deal with a brilliant local/small business, I totally recommend.