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Fabulous Glazed Oak Porch Creates Space
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Clients Name: James and Greta Yardley
Dimensions: 2700mm (w) x 2060mm (d)
Location: A Village Near Ilkley


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Larger, Glazed Oak Porch Required for Stone Cottage Home

In March, James contacted Oak By Design through their website. He told them he had an old stone cottage in a village near Ilkley (voted The Best Place to Live in 2022 by The Sunday Times )

The property's existing small, stone built entrance porch needed replacing and the Yardley's (James and his wife Greta) wanted an oak one with more space and more light.

Their existing porch measured 1120mm deep x 1660mm wide. They expected their replacement one to be about 1500mm x 2000mm.

After having looked at the Case Studies on the Oak By Design website they liked the look of reference 15006, a porch installed in Durham a number of years ago.

They asked Joanne about Planning Permission and a builder recommendation. Joanne referred them to their local Planning Office in Harrogate.

They submitted a pre- planning application, and were told that they didn't need to proceed to a full application. They then received a planning exemption letter.

During this time Joanne arranged a quotation and a builder recommended. Unfortunately, the first builder was unable to start the project due to unforeseen circumstances, but Jack Stout, a builder regularly recommended by Oak By Design, managed to arrange to visit the property and arranged a quotation for the removal of the existing porch, building the new porch walls and installing the glazed porch.

With Planning Permission approved, and quotations accepted, James and Greta confirmed their order in August and paid their deposit.

The Installation of the Glazed Oak Porch Commences - Finally

Jack set to and took down the existing porch, retaining the door and frame for the new enclosed oak porch. He then built the new stonewalls, ready to accept the new porch.

Jack took initial measurements and Joanne arranged a drawing of the proposed porch that she sent to the Yardley's for approval. The overall height changed slightly to look more proportionate, and James and Greta decided on the style of truss for the front of the porch. They were in 2 minds as whether of not to have diagonal braces on the truss, but decided on the upright ones in the end.

The couple also chose to have oak boards fit to the underside of the roof. With an insulated roof, the rafters and ridge usually get 'covered up' with insulation and plasterboard. As James and Greta wanted to see a lot of oak, the couple, therefore, chose to have oak boards fit to the underside of the roof.

As Jack was extremely busy, the plan was to install the porch in the New Year. The weather put paid to this though!

Eventually, delivery of the porch took place on 5th May and Jack and his team set to and installed the porch on the pre built walls.

A few days later, the porch finished, James and Greta finally get to use their much-awaited porch.

The Verdict on the Glazed Oak Porch

Joanne received an email a few days afterwards to say: "Thank you for our lovely new glazed oak porch/orangery. We love it to bits"

James also posted a fabulous 5 star Google review:-

"We are very grateful to Oak By Design for our new glazed porch/orangery. It is lovely! Perfect and just what we wanted to enjoy our garden on rainy days. Joanne was our contact with the company and took us through the early design phase and recommended a local builder. This was a great help, though we had to wait patiently until our building slot became available. But it was worth the wait as Jack Stout and his team were excellent. Their work was characterised by great skill and attention to detail.

And they were enjoyable company as they worked on site. After the dwarf wall was constructed, Joanne used the precise measurements and sorted out the final drawings with some to-ing and fro-ing as we agreed the final details. But the whole process felt very unhurried. It was a memorable day when the assembly of oak beams and boards arrived. Jack and colleagues returned to assemble and complete the build. Our house is an old property and the new porch/orangery complements it perfectly. The proportions are just right and the exposed oak looks very stylish. We are very pleased with the final result. A big thank you to Oak By Design and to Jack Stout and his team,"

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The Benefits of Air-Dried Oak in Construction

In the realm of construction, the choice of timber plays a crucial role in determining the longevity and stability of structures. Two prominent types of timber used are green oak and air-dried oak. This article aims to explore the benefits associated with air-dried oak, shedding light on its superior qualities as compared to green oak.

One interesting statistic that highlights the advantages of air-dried oak is its lower moisture content. Green oak typically possesses a high moisture content ranging from 60-80%, while air-dried oak undergoes natural drying over an extended period. As a result, air-dried oak achieves a significantly lower moisture content level than its counterpart.

The reduced moisture content in air-dried oak contributes to its enhanced stability when used in construction projects. Moisture causes wood to expand or contract, resulting in movement and potential shrinkage over time. However, due to its lower moisture levels, air-dried oak exhibits minimal movement and shrinkage tendencies compared to green oak.

Air drying requires time for proper seasoning, which allows for gradual reduction in moisture content. On average, air-drying reduces wood's moisture by approximately 25mm per year. Depending on the thickness of timber, this seasoning process can take anywhere from three to ten years. The prolonged period ensures thorough drying, enhancing the durability and strength properties of air-dried oak.

The Advantages of Double Glazing in Building Construction

Double glazing, also known as a double glazed unit (DGU), is a widely used element in building construction due to its numerous benefits. This article aims to discuss the advantages of double glazing within the context of thermal insulation.

The primary advantage of incorporating double glazing into building design lies in its ability to provide effective thermal insulation. By utilising two sheets of glass separated by a spacer bar, an air gap is created within the DGU, which can be filled with an insulating gas. This configuration acts as a thermal barrier, preventing heat from escaping and cold air from infiltrating a room.

To illustrate this phenomenon, we can imagine the DGU functioning like a sandwich. The sheets of glass serve as the bread slices while the air gap represents the filling. Just as a sandwich preserves warmth and prevents external elements from permeating it, double glazing similarly retains heat within enclosed spaces while impeding cold drafts from entering.

This enhanced insulation results in improved energy efficiency for buildings that incorporate double glazed windows. By reducing heat loss during colder months and minimising heat gain during warmer months, these windows contribute to maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures without excessive reliance on heating or cooling systems.

In conclusion, through its thermal insulation properties, double glazing plays a crucial role in enhancing the energy efficiency of buildings. By utilising this technology, builders can create more sustainable structures that optimize comfort while reducing energy consumption and associated costs over time.

Oak Porches: A Timeless Addition to Your Home

Oak porches have long been a popular choice for homeowners seeking to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of their properties. With their timeless appeal, these structures seamlessly blend with various architectural styles, making them a versatile option for any home.

One striking feature of oak porches is their durability. The natural strength and resilience of oak wood ensure that these structures can withstand the test of time, enduring harsh weather conditions and everyday wear and tear. This longevity makes oak porches a cost-effective investment as they require minimal maintenance or repair over the years.

Moreover, oak porches offer an inviting entrance to your home. They create a warm and welcoming ambiance while also providing practical benefits such as shelter from inclement weather. Whether it's raining or snowing outside, you can comfortably greet guests or take a moment to enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to the elements.

In addition to their functional advantages, oak porches add visual appeal to your property. Their elegant design and rich colour complement both traditional and contemporary architectural styles, adding character and charm to any home exterior. Furthermore, oak ages gracefully, developing a beautiful patina that enhances its natural beauty over time.

To conclude, oak porches are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to elevate their homes' appearance while enjoying practical benefits. With their timeless appeal, durability, and aesthetic value, these structures are sure to make a lasting impression on visitors while providing a functional space for homeowners to enjoy year-round.