Quality Oak Covers: 3 Ways to Disguise An RSJ
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"We've got it covered using RSJ oak covers"

Quality Oak Covers: 3 Ways to Disguise An RSJ

We all know that steel RSJ’s are rather unsightly, but they are an inevitable part of a home extension, new build or renovation project.

So why not have a think about ‘covering’ the RSJ’s with an oak cover. Due to the carpentry craftsmanship Oak By Design has, they are able to produce 2, 3 or 4 sided oak covers for any situation.

All that would be required for advice would be the length, height and depth required.

Dimension For Your Oak Covers

As these are the actual RSJ measurements an extra 10mm would be added onto the width & depth measurements.

This allows the fitting of the oak cover without too much of a squeeze. When it comes to the length of the oak cover, this can be produced to any size that is required. ​ However, if it is a particularly long RSJ the cover may need to be made in sections and a complementing covering strap would be supplied in black or the same finish as the cover to cover the join.

If the width exceeds 250mm we are also able to join two timbers together, usually with a characterful groove down the middle. To eliminate any unnecessary differences between the joined pieces we always try to match the colour and grain.

Bespoke oak RSJ covers

Oak RSJ Covers – Choosing An Appearance

With regards to colour, we have a variety of different waxes which we can use to finish the cover.

These are Natural, Antique, Traditional, Farmhouse or Jacobean or you could choose an oiled finish.

There are also 2 processes which we can apply to the cover to give it more character. The first is a brushed effect, this creates a textured finish by removing the smooth sanded appearance. The second process is flaming, which creates an aged effect. Please be aware that this also darkens the oak which in turn darkens any coloured waxes applied.

If you are also thinking about matching oak beams, we can also produce those to match your oak covers.

Oak cover cottage

Oak Covers & Those Odd Sizes & Shapes

We all know that when it comes to renovation or restoration, nothing is plain sailing with regards to sizes & shapes!

As such we can produce our oak covers with different side measurements, angles etc.

For example, if your RSJ is taller at 1 side and shorter at the other as it is going up to an angled roof then the oak cover can be produced with these features, all we would need is each of the measurements.

Another use for the oak covers would be to ‘wrap around’ the sides and top of room openings created, to give a goal post effect, this can also be achieved even with unequal lengths on the side and base dimensions.

Two sided L shaped covers can also be made to cover the top of your window openings, this gives an oak beam look feature to the top of the window.

Impressive oak RSJ covers
19 August 2021