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When it comes to selecting roof tiles, the choices can be overwhelming. Each type of tile has its own set of advantages and drawbacks, making the decision-making process complex. Understanding the nuances of durability, maintenance, energy efficiency, aesthetics, and cost is important for making an informed choice. By exploring the intricacies of various roof tile options, you can guarantee that your selection aligns perfectly with your needs and preferences.

Factors To Consider

When evaluating roofing materials, it is crucial to consider key factors such as durability, maintenance requirements, energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and cost to ensure the selection aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

Clay tiles offer great durability and low maintenance but come with a higher upfront cost. Concrete tiles provide affordability and versatility but may require roof reinforcement due to their weight. Slate tiles boast elegance, longevity, and eco-friendliness, albeit at a higher cost. Asphalt shingles are budget-friendly, easy to install, and come in various styles, but they have a shorter lifespan.

Each material’s pros and cons must be carefully weighed against your preferences and requirements. By considering these factors alongside your budget constraints and seeking professional guidance, you can make an informed decision that best suits your roofing needs.

Making The Right Choice

The varying features and benefits of each roofing material can greatly impact the decision-making process for homeowners. Also, the type of project that requires roofing will impact the choice of tile that can be used.

Seeking professional advice can assist in making an informed decision that aligns with individual needs and promotes the longevity and performance of the chosen roof tiles.

Pros And Cons

To ensure optimal outcomes for your roofing project, a thorough assessment of your needs, preferences, and budget constraints is essential in selecting the most suitable roofing material.

Local property development businesses are the backbone of community growth and transformation. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of local needs, these developers sculpt the very essence of neighborhoods. But what does it truly take to support and elevate these key players in our community’s evolution? The answer lies in strategic partnerships, innovative solutions, and a shared vision for sustainable growth. Let’s explore how collaboration and creative thinking can pave the way for a brighter future for local property development businesses.

Oak By Design And Nuspace

Supporting a local property development business can greatly contribute to enhancing the architectural landscape and economic growth of the community. By choosing to work with local developers, residents can actively participate in shaping the aesthetic appeal and functional aspects of their neighborhoods. Local property development businesses often have a deep understanding of the community’s needs and preferences, allowing them to create projects that are not only visually appealing but also cater to the specific requirements of the area.

Furthermore, supporting local property developers can lead to increased job opportunities within the community. These businesses often hire local contractors, architects, and suppliers, stimulating the local economy and fostering a sense of community pride. By investing in local development projects, residents can help create a sustainable cycle of growth and prosperity for their neighbourhood.

Enhancing Development Projects With Oak Trusses

The addition of oak trusses can greatly elevate the architectural appeal and structural integrity of properties. Oak trusses offer a blend of durability and aesthetic charm, making them a sought-after choice in property renovations.

The longevity of oak guarantees that these trusses will stand the test of time, providing robust support for buildings. Beyond their durability, oak trusses bring a timeless elegance to properties, enhancing their overall look and feel with a touch of sophistication and warmth.

Additionally, the structural strength of oak trusses ensures stability and safety for years to come, making them a valuable investment for any development project. By incorporating oak trusses, property developers can not only enhance the visual appeal of their projects but also increase the structural reliability, ultimately adding significant value to the properties they work on.

Partnering for Property Growth

Collaborating with reputable firms like Oak By Design can also add value to property development initiatives by incorporating high-quality oak trusses, beams, and porches that elevate the aesthetic and structural integrity of buildings.

Nuspace’s aim is to achieve inspiring living environments that exceed expectations. The addition of these bespoke, beautiful oak trusses and beams has certainly achieved this.

Forming alliances with local authorities and community organisations can streamline regulatory processes and garner support for development projects, foster positive relationships, and ensure compliance with zoning laws and building codes. Partnering with financial institutions and real estate agencies can provide access to funding, market insights, and potential buyers, strengthening the financial viability and marketability of properties.

If you any questions. we are hear to listen, advise and help. Call 01423 593794.

Are you dreaming of a beautiful oak conservatory that seamlessly blends with your home and adds a touch of elegance to your lifestyle? Look no further!

In this article, we will guide you through the process of designing your own and how it connects with your home.. From understanding planning permission requirements to considering cost and design options, we’ve got you covered.

Get ready to create a space that not only enhances your home but also brings you joy for years to come.

Planning Permission Requirements for Conservatories

Are you wondering about the planning permission requirements for oak conservatories? Understanding the regulations and guidelines can help you ensure that your project meets all the necessary criteria.

Planning consent is typically required for oak buildings, but there may be instances where you can take advantage of permitted development rights.

It’s important to familiarise yourself with the specific rules and limitations in your area to avoid any potential issues during the construction process.

You’ll need to consider planning consent before constructing your oak conservatory. Planning permission requirements for oak conservatories may vary depending on your location, home design and the specific regulations set by your local planning authority.

Generally, if your oak building meets certain criteria, such as being within permitted development rights, you may not need planning permission. However, it’s always recommended to check with your local planning authority to ensure compliance.

Factors that may affect planning consent include the size, height, and how it is situated against your home. as well as whether it’s considered an extension or a separate structure.

Keep in mind that oak conservatory kits or oak frame conservatories may have different planning requirements compared to other types of oak buildings or oak frame buildings.

It’s advisable to consult a professional to determine the necessary planning consent and to estimate the potential impact on the conservatory cost.

Permitted Development?

You can determine if your oak building falls under permitted development by checking the specific regulations set by your local planning authority. Permitted development allows you to make certain changes to your property without the need for planning permission. However, it’s important to remember that each local planning authority may have different regulations, so it’s crucial to consult with them before proceeding.

When it comes to oak conservatories, the use of air-dried oak can be a significant factor in determining whether it falls under permitted development. Air-dried oak is a popular choice for conservatories due to its durability and attractive appearance. It’s important to ensure that the use of air-dried oak in your conservatory complies with local regulations to avoid any potential issues with planning permission.

Cost and Design Considerations for Your Conservatory

When it comes to designing an oak building against your home, there are various design options to consider.

From the shape and size of the conservatory to the type of glazing and roofing materials, each decision will contribute to the overall look and functionality of the space.

Choosing Air-dried or seasoned oak over green oak will give you a huge advantage when it comes to glazing!

Additionally, cost factors such as materials, labor, and any additional features or customisation will need to be taken into account to ensure that the design aligns with your budget.

Design Options

An oak conservatory offers a range of design options that can fit both your budget and desired aesthetic. When designing your perfect addition, there are several factors to consider, including cost and design considerations.

First, determine the size and shape of your conservatory. This will depend on your available space and how you plan to use the area.

Next, consider the type of roof you want, whether it’s a glass roof for maximum natural light or a tiled roof for a more traditional look.

Additionally, think about the doors and windows. Choose between bi-fold doors, French doors, or sliding doors, depending on your preferences.

Lastly, consider the interior design elements, such as flooring, lighting, and heating options.

Cost Factors

Consider the size and materials of your extension, as well as the complexity of the design, to determine the overall cost.

Today, the size of your conservatory will have a significant impact on the cost, as larger structures require more materials and labor.

Additionally, the materials used can greatly affect the price. Oak is a premium material, known for its durability and beauty, but it comes at a higher cost compared to other options.

The complexity of the design is another factor to consider. Intricate designs with unique features or customisations will require more time and expertise to build, resulting in a higher cost.

It’s important to carefully consider these factors when planning your dream extension to ensure it aligns with your budget.

Oak Suppliers and Construction of Oak Framed Buildings

You should contact multiple suppliers to get quotes for the construction of your oak building. This will help you compare prices and choose the one that fits your budget. When selecting suppliers, make sure to consider their reputation, experience, and the quality of their materials. It’s important to work with a reputable supplier who’s a proven track record in their construction.

Once you have chosen a supplier, you can move on to the construction phase. It’s advisable to hire a professional contractor who specialises in solid oak projects. They’ll have the necessary expertise and knowledge to ensure that your conservatory is built to the highest standards.

Before construction begins, it’s important to obtain any necessary permits or approvals from your local authorities. This will ensure that your building complies with all building regulations and codes.

During construction, it’s important to regularly communicate with your contractor to ensure that the project is progressing as planned. Regular site visits will allow you to monitor the progress and address any concerns or issues that may arise.

Once construction is complete, make sure to conduct a thorough inspection of the conservatory to ensure that everything is in order. This will help identify any potential issues that need to be addressed before they become major problems.

Glazing Options and Building Regulations for your Oak Conservatory

When it comes to choosing the glazing, there are several options available to consider.

From double glazing to triple glazing, each option has its own benefits in terms of insulation and energy efficiency.

Additionally, it’s important to be aware of the building regulations that govern the use of glazing in conservatories, ensuring that you comply with safety and structural requirements.

Glazing Types

To ensure compliance with building regulations, it’s important to understand the different glazing options available for your oak conservatory. The type of glazing you choose won’t only affect the overall aesthetic of your conservatory but also its thermal performance and energy efficiency.

There are several glazing types to consider, including single glazing, double glazing, and triple glazing. Single glazing consists of a single pane of glass and is the most basic option.

Double glazing, on the other hand, consists of two panes of glass with a gap in between, providing better insulation. Triple glazing offers even higher insulation properties with three panes of glass and two gaps.

When choosing the glazing type for your oak conservatory, it’s important to consider factors such as your budget, desired level of insulation, and local building regulations.

Building Regulations

To ensure compliance with building regulations, consider the glazing options available for your frame conservatory. Building regulations dictate specific requirements for glazing in order to ensure safety and energy efficiency.

When it comes to glazing options, you have a few choices to consider. Double glazing is a popular choice as it provides better insulation and noise reduction. It consists of two glass panes with a layer of air or gas in between.

Another option is triple glazing, which offers even higher insulation properties and soundproofing.

Laminated glass is recommended for safety purposes as it holds together when broken, reducing the risk of injury.

Finally, toughened glass is a durable option that’s resistant to impact and breakage.

Consider these glazing options to meet building regulations and create a safe and efficient oak structures.

Benefits, Maintenance, and Longevity of Solid Oak

You’ll appreciate the durability of oak conservatories due to their low maintenance requirements and long lifespan. Oak is a hardwood that’s known for its strength and ability to withstand the elements. Unlike other materials, oak conservatories require minimal upkeep, making them a practical choice for homeowners.

One of the main benefits of ‘oak framed’ extensions are their low maintenance requirements. Oak is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage, reducing the need for regular treatments or repairs. Simply cleaning the conservatory periodically with a mild soap and water solution is usually sufficient to keep it looking its best.

In addition to being low maintenance, oak conservatories have a long lifespan. When properly cared for, an oak conservatory can last for decades, even centuries. Oak is a dense and sturdy material that can withstand the test of time, making it a worthwhile investment for homeowners.

To ensure the longevity, it’s important to address any minor issues promptly. This includes repairing any damaged or loose joints, as well as addressing any signs of moisture or water damage. Regular inspections and maintenance will help to prevent any major issues and extend the lifespan of your new home addition.


So there you have it, designing homes with extensions that can be a rewarding and practical endeavour.

With careful planning and consideration of cost, design, and suppliers, you can create a stunning addition to your home.

Remember, it’s not all about the glazing options and building regulations, but also the benefits, maintenance, and longevity of oak conservatories that make them a worthwhile investment.

So why wait? Start designing your own oak conservatory and bring a touch of elegance to your living space.

After all, life is too short to live without a beautiful oak conservatory. Show it off!

You’ve had your oak porch installed, and you’re now sat on the porch seat (if you have one), or you’re stood underneath it, and you look up to the underside of the roof. What do you want to see?

There is no ‘correct’ way to finish off the underside part of an oak porch roof, it really is down to personal preference.

Porch Roofing Battens

When the porch is being installed, and roof is going on, the rafters are fit to the ridge (the very top part of the porch that runs from front to back) from the horizontal timbers that run from the top of the front posts to the top of the back posts.

These can be seen when looking up, and are rather lovely!

The roofer will then fit battens across the rafters. They will then attach the slates, or tiles, or whatever the roofing material is, to the battens and when they get to the top they’ll fit ridge tiles along the top of the ridge.

Many people choose to not have anything on the underside and this is option 1.

When choosing this option, oak battens can be supplied, if required.

If you don’t want to look up and see the back of the roof tiles and battens, you have a couple more options.

Before the battens are fit to the rafters, fully finished (usually with 2 coats of Osmo Polyx UV Oil) oak tongue and groove boards can be fit horizontally, on the top of the rafters. These are supplied in both full lengths, and shorter lengths. If they are in smaller lengths, they are cut so that they join up to the next one above a rafter. The battens and slates, or tiles, will then fit on top of them.

Then, when looking at the underside of the roof, oak boards can be seen between the rafters, like the photo’s above.

Porch Roof Alternatives

If you’d like a painted finish, a weather-proof board can be fit on top of the rafters, in the same way the oak boards are. This can be painted prior to installation. However, it can also be repainted in years to come relatively easily.

There are many other options of the type of board. Plywood would be an option, or painted softwood boards.

Whatever you decide to have, it’s best to know BEFORE the roofing is done.

The oak boards and weatherboard could, technically be fit after the roof has been installed, but they would need to be installed between the rafters. The finish wouldn’t be as cohesive though.

If you’re thinking of having lighting installed in the porch, either a pendant light, or down lighters, the wiring etc can be hidden whilst installing the roof.

We’re often asked by customers how they can keep their external natural oak (on porches, garages, verandahs, and other products) looking as good as it does when it leaves the workshop and arrives on site.

We sand and seal all our oak buildings and structures (tailored to suit each client) with oil prior to sending out. Ready then to face the weather as soon as the installation has taken place..

What Happens To The Natural Oak?

Without any finish being applied to oak, rainwater penetrates the timber, which reacts with the tannins in the wood. This causes the oak to ‘blacken’.

Again, without any finish being applied, the sun’s UV rays will react with the oak leaving it to ‘silver’ over time. Many clients like this look, especially with the porches.

All weathers – rain, sun and wind, can affect the appearance of the oak over time. The position of the oak structure (i.e. which direction it faces) can also affect this. Both these factors need bearing in mind when considering the oils and maintenance required.

Leaving the oak to take its natural process can have a ‘Marmite’ reaction!

We’ve found, talking to our clients that some people ‘love” the oak silvering off and ageing, and others absolutely ‘loathe’ it!!! This is why there are a number of options regarding the finishing of the oak. From a natural finish, a more traditional finish and a contemporary finish, all tailored to you….

How Can I Prevent The Natural Oak Changing Colour?

We offer 2 options of finishing (3 if you count not having anything applied).

1 –Osmo UV Protection Oil – 420

This protects the natural oak from the weather, leaving it looking light and more contemporary whilst preventing the oak blackening or silvering, providing there is good maintenance.

2- Osmo UV Protection Oil with Natural tint – 429

This again protects the natural oak from the weather and leaves it looking more natural. You will see this shade on most of our oak porches and external products. Again, this prevents the oak blackening or silvering, providing there is good maintenance.

They both:

Are water and dirt resistant
Reduce wood swelling and shrinkage
Contain biocides to prevent the growth of algae, mildew and fungal attack
Have a microporous, breathable finish which does not peel, flake or blister
Don’t require any sanding before future applications

If Au Naturale is your thing, we can provide your oak structure without applying any finish.

A recent client who lives in the Peak District, wanted her new oak porch to ‘settle in’ to her period property as soon as possible. She, therefore, chose to not have any finish when the porch was made, as she wanted the natural oak to silver off to look like part of the property.

A client from some years ago (see photos below) also wanted her porch to fit in with her 650-year old property. She had recently had an extension built on her pretty Cotswold house. She wanted both the stone and the natural oak to weather in as quickly as possible. By not applying any oil, the look has been created!

‘It looks lovely and as though it’s been here forever!’

Why not get in touch today for a friendly chat?

Juliette Anderson
Juliette Anderson

Left us a 5 star review

Oak by design provided our engineered oak flooring. From our initial meeting and supply of samples to the final delivery we have been provided with excellent service. Carl has been in touch throughout the process and provided updates about the lead time and expected delivery dates. We are delighted with the flooring. Very happy to recommend Oak by design.

We decided to get an oak porch to make our home more attractive and we are so glad we did as it really is beautiful ! Joanne and the Team have been professional, friendly and just a pleasure to deal with ! Thank you so much !!

A fabulous service and supportive through the design and delivery process. Highly recommended

I wish I could give more starts!! We looked at many companies before finally choosing Oak by Design. We are so glad we chose them. They were excellent from start to finish. They worked with us to find a workable design that was to our liking. Our door looks amazing (despite the building site that still surrounds it!). Their customer service is of the highest standard, Joanne could not do enough to help us. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

First class service and product . Our car port and steps look fantastic and blends in with the existing buildings beautifully. Would definitely recommend them.

We ordered two bespoke doors and two bespoke porches for our house build from Joanne at OByD. We were specifically delighted with Joanne's attention to detail (and patience! lol) making the overall customer experience excellent. The product was equally fantastic, the product quality was truly beyond our expectations. Joanne is super helpful and knowledgeable, and kept my spirits up throughout our project. We would 100% recommend OByD, and specifically Joanne, for all your standard and bespoke oak requirements. H&D

This is the second time that we have used Oak By Design for oak products and once again we weren’t disappointed. We recently ordered some internal oak doors and from the very start they were a pleasure to deal with. Joanne especially was extremely helpful and friendly, nothing was too much trouble. We were kept updated about the progress of our order. Unfortunately we needed to delay acceptance of the doors for a few weeks and Oak By Design happily agreed to store them in their workshop until we were ready for them. The quality of the doors is very high, they are very well made and finished, far better than any oak doors that you will buy “ off the shelf. “ They are all installed now and look fantastic. I would highly recommend Oak By Design and we will certainly use them again in the future if we require any more oak products. A huge thank you to Joanne and the whole team for a great service and a great product.

Spectacular service from start to finish! great design work and support from concept to installation. The builders were amazing! So pleased with the outcome! Thankyou so so much !

Posting on behalf of my Mother in Law, Shirley Abbott "Having planned to shop around, Oak By Design was my first stop. I had no need to look any further. Joanne patiently and professionally guiding me through the confusion of choosing the right flooring. The service and support from the staff was exceptional, efficient and helpful. And - my floor looks amazing!"

Perfect from start to finish. The service is above and beyond. Pleasure to install

I was sourcing an oak RSJ cover (circa 5m length) for my extension and found Oak by Design on the internet. All of the reviews I could were glowing and so I contacted them......And I'm so glad that I did. Joanne Fisher answered my initial call and she looked after my order from beginning to end - in terms of ensuring that I got exactly what I wanted she/they provided a superb service - everything on time - delivery in to the Peak District to suit when I wanted. The quality of the the RSJ cover is fantastic thick solid oak that matches my oak floor - looks amazing. If you want anything oak I can thoroughly recommend Oak By Design.

We can thoroughly recommend Oak by Design. Not only did they provide the best of oak floors and oak staircase to suit our new, contemporary home, but they returned to make good a problem which was not their fault. Going the extra mile separates great companies from ordinary firms. Thank you Jamie & Billy. From Mike & Barbara, York.

Working with Oak By Design on our project was a pleasure and we were delighted with the results. Joanne was extremely helpful, quick to answer any questions and generally a great person to deal with! The quality and finish of the products - RSJ covers and Oak Windows & Doors were superb and look great. Would highly recommend working with Oak By Design and would not hesitate to use their services again for future projects!

From the moment we visited the Oak Design showroom, we knew that we were dealing with a top quality local company. Richard the owner, showed us around his design works with real pride of his product and service offering. Jamie as sales executive has discussed and agreed the options & design with costs to us and we have now implemented the first phase of our home improvement, with more work to follow. We are highly delighted with the finished product and would strongly recommend Oak Design to other interested clients. I also suggest that you pay them a personal visit at the Home Building & Renovation exhibition in Harrogate, as well as their wonderful showroom of Oak Solutions in Tockwith to get a personal guided tour.

Exceptional service and beautiful flooring. Absolutely delighted with every aspect. Went above and beyond great customer service to meet our needs and timescales.

As the owner of a local joinery business, Robert Davis Joinery, I have had the pleasure of using Oak by Design on several occasions over the last 8 years. They have produced bespoke interior products for me including Oak doors and timber moldings. The staff in the office and the workshop are always very helpful and friendly and the standard of the workmanship and materials are always of a very high quality.

Pleasure to do Buisness with

Found Oak by Design searching for a new front porch to replace a canopy and knew immediately that this was company for the job and I was not disappointed. I already knew what I wanted and Richard, very patiently, developed my basic requirements, with a number of iterations, into a full detailed design. As I live outside their site working area I decided go for supply only and to install the porch myself. It was delivered as promised and it looked great even on the pallet! It took me a while to fit but it was very satisfying and the result is fantastic. The quality of the aged oak and carpentry of the timbers is excellent. I’m delighted with the porch supplied by Oak by Design - it looks superb.

We are ‘over the moon’ with our beautiful oak porch made by Oakbydesign .From our initial enquiry to delivery and installation the service and attention to detail has been outstanding! A very big thank you to Joanne who was so helpful and friendly from start to finish which made the whole process such a pleasure. Highly recommend anyone looking for an oak porch to choose Oakbydesign . Yvonne Grant.

From start to finish Oak By Design have been incredible, nothing was too much trouble. Our new Oak doors are beautifully made and have really been the icing on the cake to finish our house renovations off. We have also had a fabulous outdoor oak structure with heating and we are very much looking forward to making the most of it in the months ahead. Thank you to the whole team I would throughly recommend.

Found this company by accident whilst passing through Harrogate, but well worth a visit.Great products choice with helpful friendly service. The wooden flooring and beams look great in situ and we are very pleased with the transformed room. Would recommend and use again.

My company has ordered 2 porches with Joanne from oak by design, and have more planned in the future. They've been brilliant from start to finnish. Great communication right through. And the quality of the product is exceptional. Do not hesitate to order.

From the start of our enquiry, the service provided was excellent. Joanne was a great help and the oak porch structure looks fantastic on our new build. It completely changed the look of the house. Very quick delivery could not recommend enough.

Oak by Design were extremely helpful at all stages of my project from helping and advising me to choose the most appropriate beam through to advice on fixing the beam. They were extremely patient with changes to my beam dimension requirements finally providing a solution to suit my project. They provided photographs on completion of the beam prior to dispatch to ensure that my requirements had been met. I was extremely impressed by the quality and finish of the beam which has become the focal point for my fireplace project. Oak by Design provided customer care of the highest quality and I would highly recommend their services.

We worked with Jamie from Oak By Design on a super project near Wetherby. There was plenty of oak in this design for the team to really show their worth - and they did. The attention to detail was excellent. If anything was not quite how the client wanted it, they were straight back to attend to this. The customer care was superb. We look forward to working with Oak By Design on another project soon.

Excellent customer service. Very friendly. Explained in detail. Product is beautiful. Would recommend. Company sent photos of finished product prior to dispatch to confirm our happiness with their work.

A great company to deal with. Professional from start to finish and always there to assist with any queries. Highly recommended.

Ordered an oak mantle beam from Oak by Design and they quickly called to check the finer details. Unfortunatly, the beam was slightly damaged on arrival by the courier company. Oak by Design immediately arranged to have it picked by DHL, transferred back to Yorkshire from Kent, repaired and sent back within 2 days, with no quibbles. The beam is beautiful, as is the high quality customer service by these people. Fully recommend using this company. Anthony Slater, Tonbridge. Tonbridge.

Having lived with our porch for over 2 years I can honestly say it’s the best addition to our house we ever made. Not only does it look fantastic the quality is outstanding. I love that it keeps the mud out of the hall and provides a seating area to remove muddy boots.

Very impressed with Oak By Design. Customer service is fantastic and they were very patient in helping me ensure what I needed was the right size. Photos sent of oak cover before it was sent to me and end product was great. It was also not the most expensive either. Would definitely recommend.

Great personal service to ensure we got what we needed specific to our personal requirements. Quality is outstanding and there was a helping hand there all the way. The porch we ended up with was not cheap but having looked at others the quality of the Oak by design product shines through. Very pleased with the result and the complements from both neighbours and our builders keep coming.

Oak by Design have made 2 oak framed rooms for us, sunroom at the front and and "moonroom" (photo) at the back which encompasses a shower room, work area and storage. They have been helpful at every stage and the outcome is simply brilliant. They make the whole house feel roomier and brighter and are beautiful places to be. GE North Yorkshire

Firstly, the product quality was superb, a beautiful oak mantle piece for my fire place, gorgeous. The installation was quick, efficient and fitter very friendly. The price was very reasonable, actually very good value. But what makes it all SIX STAR, ( but we I can only give 5!), was the customer service. When walking in the shop I was perfectly attended to, I was given samples to take home and they remembered to call soma days later to see what I thought. Order to install time was very fast for such a bespoke service. My experience was world class, great to deal with a brilliant local/small business, I totally recommend.

From the initial quotation right through to the delivery and after service Joanne has been brilliant and given me an excellent product. I have just ordered another porch for another project from them and I will continue to do so for future projects . Thomas and Bell Building Contractors Ltd

Fantastic service and quality of product. I couldn’t be happier with my Oak porch, which was designed to my specification with the minimum of fuss. Joanne was so helpful and nothing was too much trouble. Incredibly well engineered and looks fantastic. Thank you so much.

We purchased some engineered oak flooring and oak covers from Oak By Design and couldn't be happier with the finish and quality. They are spot on. Joanne was extremely helpful throughout the whole process and provided plenty of advice when necessary. Thank you

Great company, always on the end of the phone to talk through design, measurements, fitting. The Oak is very high standard, looks amazing.

I could not recommend Oak By Design more highly. Joanne and the team worked tirelessly to resolve an issue that was the result of my mistake when I ordered the porch. Great customer service.

Great service from start to finish, Joanne was great help. Designs were spot on and so happy with the porch. 10/10. Fully recommend.

Fantastic service from start to finish, I would have no hesitation in recommending this company or using them again. Very professional and helpful. Joanne was great in assisting us with choosing both styles and colours of the beams and cladding.

Amazing craftsmanship from this company. The customer service from Joanne was superb. My questions and indecisiveness were never an issue and she was always on hand to offer advice and find the answers to my questions. Our oak porch has transformed the house and we are over thd moon with it. Would highly recommend Oak By Design. Joanne is an asset to the sales and promotion of this company and is very knowledgeable. Would give 10 stars if I could!

When embarking on a large renovation project assembling the right team of skilled work people is vital. It involves the need for skill, imagination and trust. It was important to us to use a local company and Oak by Design seemed to tick the right boxes although we had not dealt with them or indeed heard of them before. We soon came to realise that the combination of Ben, Billy, Jamie, Matt and MIck ( listed strictly in alphabetical order ) was a great success. Skilled: highly, imaginative: an excellent creative talent, trustworthy: 100% but also such great team players that all the other trades on site benefitted from their cooperation and great good humour. I would endorse the other reviewers who have commented on the quality of the materials used, whether in the replacement windows, the light oak internal doors. the fantastic oak staircase, the secret bookcase and the pièce de résistance: the oak conservatory. It has been a great project and much of that I attribute to the work of Oak by Design. A big thank you to you all.

Amazing customer service from beginning to end . My builder was in awe at the quality of the oak porch components. Call them and ask for Joanne - what she doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing! It’s not every day you invest in a “proper” porch so do it right. You’ll definitely be delighted!

Excellent quality workmanship and materials. Very easy and friendly to deal with on the phone. Everything done on time and no problems at all. Will definitely use again next time I need an oak porch or any other oak structures.

We were looking to have a bespoke oak and glass atrium for the front of our new house renovation. We wanted to find a company we trusted, who clearly understood our brief and could manufacture and install a high quality product at a competitive price. A big ask, but OakByDesign ticked all our boxes. Jamie and the team from the initial discovery meeting to completion of the installation were fantastic. The design, material quality and installation were first class and I would highly recommend you to include them within your project plans. Thank you all. Ben and Lindsay.

Four years ago we took the decision to completely gut an old farmhouse and start again with it, we started looking for a supplier of oak to refit all of the internal doors, door casings, skirting and flooring. Our carpenter recommended Oak By Design. He wasn't wrong! All of the oak has been completely top notch. As the old house has settled into it's new skin it has moved and cracked in various places, the only thing that has been stable and unwavering is the oak. The customer service has been superb, with them continuing to supply exactly the same items, with the same quality over the course of 4 years. They even indulged our designs for furniture for our "boot room", with Shoe pigeon holes and a bench which we could store wellies under (as pictured). The doors supplied by them are reassuringly heavy and sturdy, with a proper "thunk" as you close them, cutting off sound from the rest of the house. There may be other, cheaper suppliers of oak out there, but none with the same level of quality, longevity and customer service as Oak By Design. If you want to do it right (& once!) use these guys.

Really delighted with the new porch by Oak by Design. It adds a super feature to my converted barn. Thanks to Joanne and the team.

What can I say, Oak By Design have been the most fantastic company to deal with. Joanne was so helpful, friendly and professional. She really seemed to care about our project, which made such a difference. We had 4 oak RSJ covers made and 2 fireplace mantles. The finish is outstanding. Everyone believes they are solid beams, which was just what we wanted. The care and attention this company will give you is 2nd to none and I would highly recommend them. Pictures will follow when we complete our project, thanks again Oak By Design. x

On behalf of John Docherty: Oak By Design were a great company to deal with; helpful, knowledgeable, professional. The quality of the oak supplied to us for our bespoke porch was first class. Nothing was too much trouble for this company, and we will definitely be using this wonderful company again in 2022.